Providing You with a Safe & Reliable

Place to Shop

Here at Valley Supermarket IGA we are taking every action possible to provide you with a safe and reliable place to shop - today and every day. Here are some things were doing in response to COVID-19.


  • Our associates receive ongoing train in sanitation, food safety, and disease prevention protocol, and there will be increased cleaning of the entire store - especially high-tough area - during any virus outbreak.
  • We will provide as many sanitation stations as possible throughout the store.
  • Associates are instructed to stay home if they or someone in their household is sick.


We are working constantly with out suppliers to replenish high-demand products as quickly as possible, and in some cases, placing limits on the amount of products purchased to ensure our community is prepared and protected.


We will never take advantage of our communities during a time of crisis or otherwise. While the cost of doing business may go up as labor and product demand increases, we promise to maintain the same profit margin going forward and keep prices as low as possible.